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Hubei building company 14 annual party member the leading cadre democratic life

Date: 2015-03-08

Hubei building company 2014 annual party member the leading cadre democratic life meeting successfully on January 28, 2015 in the afternoon, the shenzhen co., LTD. Hubei building party branch at the 2014 democratic life. Group company discipline inspection commission secretary zhu mountain pine, ministry of supervision of audit schuster Xu Le, director, company management team and middle managers, all party member, a total of 20 people to attend the meeting. Meeting, company deputy general manager of the building, the party branch committee member comrade Hu Zhongbo the democratic life of preparation and the rectification implementation for the 2013 democratic life, then, party branch secretary comrade wu sh lead the self-criticism, criticism, accept criticism, and create a strong atmosphere of criticism and self-criticism. Team members one by one contrast examination, to solve these problems, from the theoretical study, the objective consciousness, work style and so on has carried on the deep analysis, analyzes the causes of problems, and proposes the corresponding improvement direction and measures. Everybody bared, and honestly, each other many pragmatic pertinent opinions and Suggestions are put forward. Finally, the meeting also convey and deeply study the provincial party committee standing committee, secretary of the ShengJiWei Hou Changan speech spirit, etc. Secretary chu has carried on the review: the democratic life believe that the democratic life well-prepared, theme clear, substantial in content. In the process of criticism and self-criticism, team members can put down the burden, the party spirit, real, accurate to find the problems and deficiency, thorough criticism and self-criticism, reach the designated position, the quality is higher, to the democratic life will be given the full affirmation. To deepen the understanding, the purpose of improvement.